2018 Synapse Summit

“It’s exciting to see tech coming together the way it is at Synapse!”

– Kasra Moshkani, GM of Uber – Southeast









Florida’s Entire Innovation Ecosystem Under One Roof

World Class Speakers

The 2018 Summit brought together thought leaders from all levels of the innovation ecosystem. Over 300 speakers delivered 2 full days of sessions designed to give every single attendee an information packed schedule.

148 Total Session

11 Keynotes

64 Innovation Showcases

16 Expert Insights

57 Breakout Sessions

148 Total Sessions

11 Keynotes

64 Innovation Showcases

16 Expert Insights

57 Breakout Sessions

Innovation Ecosystems Connected

The Innovation Summit brought the enitre innovation ecosystem in Central Florida under one roof.

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What People Are Saying

“The great thing about Synapse is that you have a place where they’re bringing everyone together and you can find the people that can elevate your business… so come to Synapse!” -Dirk Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop
This Innovation Summit is really bringing everyone together and we are able to put a face to the names of all the amazing companies and thought leaders we are lucky to have in Tampa.” – Alanna Drasin, Haneke Design
“Usually the best connections are made at the bar after an event. At Synapse, those connections happen during the event.” – Robert Blacklidge, Founder – courseAlign
It was a fantastic two days that I think will pay big dividends throughout the year and the years to come.” – Lance Raab, Investor
“Synapse exceeded our expectations. In our case, and I’m sure many others, you achieved your objective of ‘scaling serendipity’!” – Tal Land, Talbot & Associates Healthcare Consulting
“Thanks for all your hard work pulling this together for the community! – Kimberly Wander, Owner – Elevated Events
“Supporting the Synapse Innovation Summit is our latest effort to allow ourselves to not only be an accounting and advisory firm, but disruptors in our own right.” – Chris Rux, Managing Partner – Cherry Bekaert
“We got a lot of great connections for our company, Monikl, from exhibiting at synapse. We met both potential investors as well as potential clients. It was a lot of fun, and we hope to be back next year!” – Zachary Senz Kamler, CEO – Monikl

Full Sessions:

Day 1 – Morning Session

Day 1 – Afternoon Session

Day 2 – Morning Session

Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Individual Speaker Sessions:

Lakshmi Shenoy

Bernard Meyerson

Dirk Ahlborn

Arnie Bellini

Make Connections. Gain Exposure. Activate Your Brand.

2018 Platnum & VIP Sponsors

“Bottom line is it was a great success!”

– Rich Heruska, Tampa Bay Wave

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